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NT Fuel Price Summit

Following the NT Fuel Price Summit on 7 October 2014, the Northern Territory Government has released a draft Bill for public discussion aimed at getting transparency in fuel prices.

The draft legislation sets out a framework for retailers in major centres to disclose their fuel costs and profits to the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs each month.

It is intended that after checking the data and compiling it in a consumer-friendly format, the Commissioner will publish the information.

This legislation is initially aimed at retailers. But there is flexibility for it to be extended if necessary to prevent integrated retail and wholesale companies from transferring profits to earlier parts of the supply chain.

The draft Bill includes heavy penalties for failure to comply, as well as wide-ranging powers for the Consumer Affairs Commissioner to force the disclosure of required information.

We encourage you to read the Fuel Price Disclosure Bill 2014 (PDF 108 kb) and provide comment below.






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